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Careers with Brightwater

Brightwater set up to be The Best in Ireland. With all the awards, new offices and accomplishments of the company, being ‘the best’ remains at the heart of everything the company does. We dedicate ourselves to having the best offices, the best customers, the best events…, but key to all of this, is having the best staff. 

Whether you have recruitment experience or not, we are always looking for people with dedication, empathy, intelligence and true drive. To build a brand like Brightwater requires excellence… every day!

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David Bloch, CEO
Tel: 01 662 1000


The Alternative Profession

Brightwater is a very professional firm with high standards of entry. We are looking for people with high intelligence based on EQ, more than IQ. Probably well educated and likely surrounded by well educated and professional people, you may not have thrived in the restrictive world of education, or the traditional professional workplace.

At Brightwater we deal with professionals and understand their roles, but we don’t want to do those jobs.  For those that have a genuine understanding of people, and the competitive drive to be the best, The Alternative Profession might just be home!

To read about David Bloch’s background and view click here.


At Brightwater we take training seriously and employ external, as well as internal trainers. However, most training takes place at your desk. Assisted by your mentor, and learning from the exceptional recruiters around you. However, if you don’t arrive with the skills and temperament to succeed, then no training will help. If you do have the skills and temperament, success and money can come within months.

If the above sounds like you, then please apply.  There are few sectors that inspire the passion of Recruitment, and few companies where people can genuinely say they love their job!

Opportunities with Brightwater


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