Previous Online Polls

January 2012: How optimistic are you on Ireland's 5-year economic future?
November 2011: With our Republic of Ireland 2012 Salary Survey currently being compiled, we would like to know: Is your company likely to raise salaries next year?
May 2011: Does the media affect how you run / plan your business?
March 2011: Do you think your company sales will be better, worse or the same in 2011?
January 2011: Will 2011 be better economically for Ireland Inc?
September 2010: Will closer fiscal policies help both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland grow faster?
July 2010: Will the new international austerity measures have a major impact on world growth?
June 2010: Are you fed up with talk of the recession?
April 2010: Who are the Heroes of the recession?
February 2010: Has the recession forever tempered your ambition and growth plans?
November 2009: As a business person, are you optimistic that 2010 will be better than 2009?
October 2009: Does your company have a niche skills shortage?
September 2009: When will Ireland get out of recession?
August 2009: Is cutting the minimum wage a step forward, or a step backwards in re-energising Ireland’s economy?
July 2009: Does the American (Australian and others) concept of “thinking positive” really make things better?
June 2009: Does your company expect to recruit over the next quarter?
May 2009: Would the Opposition have done any better?
April 2009: Has the government reacted appropriately to the economic crisis?
March 2009: Have your company�s remuneration levels changed this year?
February 2009: Are we as a nation too hard on ourselves?
January 2009: Ireland was one of the first to go into recession with most of the rest of the world following. Does this mean we�ll come out first?
December 2008: Can any new laws effectively curb the Financial Services industry�s occasional excesses?
November 2008: Who is to blame for the global slowdown in the economy?
October 2008: Will the economy bounce back in 2009?
September 2008: Is there a war for talent?
August 2008: Would you engage in counter-offer negotiations?