Privacy Statement


Privacy is a byword of Brightwater's unwritten code of ethics and we will attempt to complywith both the letter of the law (including The Data Protection Act) as well as the spirit.

A user is free to access the Brightwater site without providing us with any information. If you choose to leave information or comment, Brightwater will respond to you, addressing and using your information only for the purposes for which you agree.

Brightwater will make every effort to ensure complete confidentiality and protection of personal information, but data transmitted over email or the internet is not 100% secure. As such, we cannot warrant or secure the information you transmit to us, the transfer is therefore sent at your own risk.

The right to privacy will be respected at all times by Brightwater. The laws may change (and Brightwater will always adhere to said changes), but the spirit of privacy, confidentiality and trust will always be adhered to by the company - with information provided and used only within the agreed confines of our role as a professional Recruitment Consultancy.

If you ever have cause to question our adherence to our policy, we invite you to ring or contact any of the Company Directors on + 353 1 6621000 or email our Managing Director, Mairead Fleming on: