The Apprentice – Season 4 – Week 3

‘Appy Christmas’

The task this week was to develop an ‘interesting and fun’ App for Unislim. Bill mixed the teams up and picked the Project Managers and that’s where it all went horribly wrong! When Eoin was chosen as Project Manager for Zest I was fearful but tried not to second guess what was coming down the track but I knew it would not be pleasant! Louise has failed to impress so far so this was her chance to shine!

The teams failed on many levels and yet again they didn’t follow the brief. Both teams missed key elements and the fun aspect they were asked to include was not even discussed. They also missed out on a whole segment of the target market with their exclusion of males.

Eoin was probably one of the worst PMs we have seen in the history of the programme and he obviously realised this himself so instead of standing up to be counted he bolted! What a chicken! He clearly had no regard for the feelings of his colleagues and the implications his actions would cause. Things don’t always go smoothly in business but what makes us stronger is facing up to the mistakes we make, learning from them and moving on but instead Eoin buried his head in the sand and left everyone high and dry.

The drama was compounded further for Team Zest when Ruth decided to go on her own crusade and disagree with them in front of the client – shocking behaviour and as Bill rightly said you should never let your client see any baggage. Ruth may have felt she was fired because of a ‘slip of the tongue’ but the facts were that she showed total disregard for her team and that is a cardinal sin in business and she paid the ultimate price.

The bickering in Team Spirit between Chris and Louise entertained us but yet again we saw personal feelings getting in the way of clear thinking and objectivity!

There were very few impressive moments in this episode so thank god for Eugene who continued to speak sense, to Joanne for her focus and to Sandra who had to step in and take the flack without grumbling about it.

Mairead Fleming

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