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Rita O'Shea - March Temp of the Month

Q - What’s your background?
A - My background is in customer service roles, admin and reception. 

Q -  How did you get into temping?
A - I had finished a long term contract and the flexibility of a temping role was appealing to me.

Q - Did you ever think you’d be in a job like this?
A -
 I didn’t but the flexibility seemed interesting 

Q - Did you enjoy temping?

A - Yes. I enjoy meeting new people.

Q - What skills did you bring to the job that helped you with temping?
A - I bring skills and knowledge from permanent and temping roles that apply to my areas of expertise.

Q - How did you become aware of Brightwater's Temporary and Contract division?
A - I researched different recruitment agencies online

Q - Have you enjoyed the temping process with Brightwater?
A - Yes, thoroughly.

Q - Was it a long /short process to find a temp job with Brightwater?
A - It was a short process. I got work quite soon after joining up.

Q - How did you feel about the idea working on a temporary basis?
A - I found it exciting!

Q - What did you learn from temping?
A - I learned that I can work with all kinds of people and be a lot more confident than I would have thought in any given role.

Q - What did you learn about yourself from temping ?
A - That I am very adaptable to new places and new people.

Q - Would you approach it differently now you’ve been through the other side?
A - I’d approach it with a lot more confidence than I initially had

Q - What has been your experience of temping before Brightwater?
A - Positive.

Q - Did temping surprise you in any way?
A  - No surprises.

Q - Why do you like working as a temp for Brightwater?
A - Brightwater has been very consistent with getting me various different roles which is what I wanted.

Q - Is temping an easy job?
A - It can be, yes. However, you have to be very adaptable, be good with people and like working and moving around to different offices.

Q - What do you think are the common misconceptions around temping?
A - Some people do not like the instability or may think there is a low wage going in regardless of their level of education, which is untrue.

Q - Who should apply for a temp role?
A - It’s not for everyone. Anyone who likes change and doesn’t like being tied down to one role. Also, for people who are looking for permanency but need work in the meantime

Q - What do you need to succeed in a temp role?
A - Confidence, a willingness to learn and be able to work as part of a team in various different roles.

Rita O'Shea - Temp of the Month

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