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As experienced recruiters, Brightwater has access to a wide range of professionals of all levels keen to make their voices heard within their sectors. We conduct various surveys across our professional disciplines to gauge trends within each sector. Topics we cover in our surveys include remuneration (see our Salary Survey reports), skills shortages, niche markets and what employers expect from university courses. Download our free sector surveys & insights below: 

Salary Survey Brightwater publishes an annual Salary Survey which gives comprehensive sector and market overviews as well as extensive salary information.
Counter Offer Survey 2017 The 2017 Brightwater Counter Offer Survey highlights the counter-offer trends in the Irish jobs market from both the job seekers' and the employers' perspective. We take a look at the relationships between employee and employer after the fact and explain why a growing number of employers are taking a stand against counter-offers in recruiting and retaining staff.
 IT Survey 2016 The Brightwater Tech Survey 2016 takes a whistle-stop tour through the IT sector in Ireland, covering salary increases by job title, how contract jobs are on the increase and what motivates IT professionals more; company culture and opportunity to progress or salary?
 IDA Survey This survey highlighted the renewed confidence in the Irish jobs market and what are the primary factors that job seekers take into consideration when applying for jobs or accepting a position.
IT Survey 2014
This survey specifically covered the challenges facing the IT sector including the recruitment and retention of IT professionals, the main motivating factors involved in taking a new job and remuneration levels in 2014 with a view to 2015.
Insurance Report
The Brightwater Insurance report covers the growth in the insurance market and focuses on trends in the market including diversification, the impact of legislation on the market and the challenges facing the sector including staff retention, remuneration and new business development.

We're always interested to hear your thoughts. If you would like to see the results of a survey in your particular area or if you would like to participate in a survey, please contact our Head of Marketing, Eileen Moloney on [email protected] 

For more information on the current recruitment market, please contact your local Brightwater office.