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ACA Young Professionals – Taking the Fear out of Networking

22 Feb 2017

Brightwater was delighted to continue our longstanding partnership with Chartered Accountants Ireland and our sponsorship of the ACA Young Professionals. Brightwater’s Commercial Director Jean O’Donovan, along with Grace Caraher, Robert Patterson and Anneke Silva of our accountancy division were in attendance at ACAs most recent event “Taking the Fear out of Networking".

Derek Reilly of and networking expert, delivered an informative talk on the art of networking and the benefits of using networking as a tool. Derek started with considering key areas of this subject:

1. First Impressions 

Derek began by pairing off everyone in attendance and getting each pair to find 3 things they had in common. Finding something in common with anyone you meet at a networking event helps you build rapport and most importantly, be memorable to potential new contacts!

2. Body Language 

The majority of our communication isn’t verbal according to Derek; how you hold yourself, posture and having an open stance can open many doors when networking. He also talked about being engaged when meeting new people and how to make an exit if needed!

3. Following Up

Following up with new contacts on LinkedIn, is a lot more effective than emailing. People receive a lot of emails on a day to day basis – so it’s easy for your email to get lost in the noise. A quick, friendly LinkedIn message is a better and more impactful way to touch base with new contacts.

The Young Professionals Committee regularly organise events throughout the year including formal CPD events, social events and inter-professional events. Speakers for these events are well known business and industry leaders, with diverse backgrounds and as always, provide a brilliant insight into their areas of expertise.

Derek really helped take the fear out of networking and the Brightwater team picked up a few tip and tricks too! A great evening overall with our accountancy team on hand to discuss opportunities and taking the next step in accountancy.

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