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It's Ok Not to Know What's Next

15 Jul 2019

Brendan McCarron

Brendan McCarron of our Accountancy division discusses the importance of taking a moment to celebrate becoming a newly qualified chartered accountant before making tough, considered career choice.

A massive congratulations to all newly qualified ACCA Professionals on a fantastic achievement and here is our advice on what comes next…

Warning, this article does not include the following;

  1. extensive data about which sector is better than others
  2. what jobs to choose to get aligned with career path A, or career path B
  3. scaremonger content about how this is the single-most, biggest decision of your professional career!

Completing a qualification is of course a highlight in anyone’s personal or professional life. It shows commitment but underneath that, most likely passion. Now you’re here though, it can be very daunting to decide what comes next.

Even after years in my career in recruitment I am now facing a new challenge, so I can empathise. After two years working with Brightwater heading up the HR division, I took the opportunity to move into our well established and long-running Accountancy Division. However, my skill set remains the same and I can still add my experience, knowledge and value immediately, albeit in a completely new area. Which is actually, really exciting.

What I am driving at is that this is not the ultimate moment of career decision. This is not the first or indeed the last time you’ll need to make tough, considered choices. So, relax!

Brightwater can advise you on the current jobs landscape. We can show you how to best update your CV and LinkedIn Profile. We can inform you of current salary trends for your level of experience, the types of benefits or perks companies are offering. We have a large and well-structured Accountancy team with dedicated specialists in Practice, Industry, Financial Services, permanent or contract, to meet you and talk through options.

So, again, take a breath. You’ve worked incredibly hard to reach this moment, take time to enjoy it. Take time to enjoy exploring the next steps, new opportunities and trust our expertise to see you through your next job move.

 Brendan McCarron is a Principle Consultant with Brightwater’s Accountancy division recruiting for accountancy roles within industry and commerce  and can be contacted on 01 6621000 or at  [email protected] or via LinkedIn.