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Are you our next Recruiter?

19 Oct 2015

David Bloch

The Brightwater Group is looking for highly motivated Recruiters to join our teams.

Let me start by saying that Recruitment is a tough field. If you’re looking to become a recruiter as an easy option, recruitment is definitely not the industry for you. Having built this company from the ground up and having served my time as a Recruiter myself, I feel that I’m in a good position to include this as a challenge.

So, why do people do it?
2 words, The Buzz! Ask any of our recruiters what makes them tick and the answer from everyone will be along these lines – “It’s the best feeling in the world” “The adrenaline is unmatched” “knowing you helped place that person in their new job”. Recruitment well and truly is a sales based role, but what makes it different is that our business is people – people come to us to be placed in their next career move and it takes a lot of responsibility and tenacity to do it right.

Many of the people here at Brightwater that have been hired to be a Recruiter come from professional backgrounds. They are educated, intelligent, quality top-level people with great emotional intelligence and do a phenomenal job at communicating with people. They are experts in their fields and stay on top of emerging trends so that although they don’t work in the actual area, they maintain specialist knowledge. This is why I call it, the “alternative profession”. You can see some of our team in action on our YouTube channel telling you in their words why they love recruiting.

What sets us apart?
We see ourselves as a Recruitment Consultancy; 80-90% of the jobs we work on come in to us directly from the client. It’s my view that if you have to cold-call all day then you are an agency that is just chasing and hoping for business, rather than a true consultancy service.

Brightwater people aim to be number 1 in everything we do and we also want to do everything right! When I’m hiring Recruiters, I look for driven people; there is a difference between a person who wants to be successful and someone who needs to be successful. Someone who needs to be successful is a driven person and will work hard to achieve success.

The type of Recruiter that I look for:
I look for people who have come first in whatever they have done before in life. If you are competitive and constantly want to win, then Brightwater is the place for you. You have to balance working independently as well as being part of a team. When you are hired to work at Brightwater, you are given your own desk that matches your area of expertise to manage.

If this sounds like something that could pique your interest in Recruitment, then give me a call – I’d be delighted to hear from you.

The Brightwater Group is looking for highly motivated Recruiters to join our teams. Ideally, applicants will have had some sales experience and be a proven high achiever in their career to date. With an understanding of both their professional field and the Recruiting industry, the successful candidate will need to demonstrate that they have the skill set to manage clients as well as focus on generating new business. Being well presented, having an intelligent sales approach and being pro-active are absolutely essential for this role.

If this sounds like you, then call or email in strict confidence for an introductory, informal chat.

Michelle Magner
01 662 1000 or [email protected]