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Genevieve Slater

08 Mar 2018

To mark International Women’s Day Thursday Brightwater is celebrating inspirational women. We are championing women who are leaders in their field and make a difference in their community. In this profile we are highlighting Genevieve Slater, Office Manager Europ Assistance as an inspirational woman.

Q - What is your current role?
A - Office Manager

Q -  How did you get into a current role?
A - I actually started my professional working career in the travel industry!  I worked in Australia and London prior to coming to Dublin 11 years ago.  I did a few temping jobs when I first arrived in Ireland before accepting a role with a Private Jet start-up company.  We went from 4 employees to over 40 in a very short space of time.  Being a start-up company meant I was covering a lot of roles – HR, IT, Office Management etc - so I obtained a great deal of experience in a very challenging and changing environment!  I was with the Private Jet company for 3 years before moving to Europ Assistance.  And I’ve been here now for almost 8 years!

Q - Do you have any qualifications? 
A - Arts degree – Travel & Tourism         

Q - What do you love about your current role?  
A -  A varied workload, feeling part of a great team and afternoon treats once a month

Q - What would your favourite part of your current role?
A -  Being able to work with and assist all departments in the office

Q - Proudest moment within your career to date?
A - Designing and implementing a contract management system which has been rolled out to other Europ Asssitance offices within the EU! 

Q - Greatest career achievement to date?
A - I’ve completed 3 office fitouts and moves in the last 11 years!  While still completing my normal day job duties

Q - What advice would you give to young women who want to succeed within the workplace? 
A - Be confident! Ask as many questions as you need to.  Never feel like you have to compete with anyone else in the office.  Do the best that you can do!  You’re going to make mistakes – learn from them and always look at ways to improve your skills!

Q - From your experience to date, what have you learned about being in a leadership role?
A - I find it really important to make sure I understand someone’s core values. No two people are the same so I think a good leader is someone who can inspire a group of people based on each individuals value system.  It’s not about telling people what to do, but more helping them realise all that they can do!

Q - From your experience to date what have you learned about mentoring others?
A - I’ve had many mentors in my life and I’ve learnt something different from each and everyone of them.  I think it’s important to have mentors and learn as much from them as you can.  But also remember to form your own values and beliefs from what you learn!  Do not become your mentor – become you!

Q - What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
A - “Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you!”

Genevieve Slater, Office Manager Europ Assistance