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Getting Set For The Final Quarter

20 Jul 2023

Jean O'Donovan

Hiring on a temporary or contract basis for the busy season could be the answer to staffing challenges.

It’s not even August and already employers are thinking about the final quarter of the year and what they need in terms of resources for what is traditionally the busiest time of the year. Getting final quarter staffing resources in place prior to September is crucial for business success and seasonal increases in workload. However, budgets may be limited or headcounts could be frozen so hiring on a temporary or contract basis for the busy season could be the answer to staffing challenges. So why should employers think about hiring on a temporary/contract basis? And why should they get their ducks in a row now?

Timely preparation: September marks the beginning of the final quarter of the year, which includes major holidays and increased consumer demand. By securing temporary staffing resources before this period, businesses can adequately prepare for the surge in workload. This allows them to avoid last-minute rushes and ensures a smoother transition into the busy season.

Staff availability: As the year progresses, the availability of skilled temporary workers may become limited. By acting early, businesses have a better chance of securing the desired talent for their specific needs. Waiting until the last moment may result in settling for less experienced or less qualified candidates, which can negatively impact productivity and customer service.

Training and onboarding: Temporary staff require training and onboarding to understand the company's processes, policies, and expectations. By hiring them well in advance, businesses can allocate sufficient time for training and allow temporary employees to become familiar with their roles and responsibilities. This early investment in their development will ensure they are ready to contribute effectively when the workload increases.

Seamless operations: The final quarter often brings a substantial increase in customer demand, driven by holidays, year-end sales, and other seasonal factors. By having temporary staffing resources in place before this surge, businesses can maintain seamless operations and meet customer expectations. Adequate staffing levels ensure that customer service remains at a high level, orders are processed efficiently, and deadlines are met.

Flexibility and scalability: Temporary staffing provides businesses with the flexibility to adjust their workforce according to fluctuating demand. By securing temporary resources early, businesses can better manage their staffing needs during peak periods such as Christmas. They can quickly scale up their workforce to meet increased demand and then scale it back down once the busy season subsides. This flexibility helps businesses optimise their resources and minimize costs.

Competitive advantage: In many industries, the final quarter of the year is highly competitive, with businesses vying for customers' attention and spending. Having temporary staff in place before competitors can provide a competitive advantage. It allows businesses to maintain consistent service levels, respond promptly to customer needs, and capitalise on the seasonal sales opportunities without being understaffed or overwhelmed.

Securing final quarter temporary staffing resources before September is crucial for business success during seasonal increases in workload. It enables timely preparation, ensures staff availability, allows for proper training and onboarding, facilitates seamless operations, provides flexibility, and offers a competitive edge. By planning ahead, businesses can optimise their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and maximise their chances of success (and profitability) during this critical period.

If you have any questions about hiring temporary or contract staff across any discipline, please contact the Brightwater Temps Team

Jean O’Donovan is Deputy Managing Director of The Brightwater Group and can be reached at + 353 1 5927846 or by email