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Love it or leave it – getting the most out of your job

13 Feb 2018

Eileen Moloney

Let’s face it – there are days when our jobs frustrate us so much that we want to go home at 11am but those days should be the exception rather than the rule. If you’re just working for a paycheck and not even liking any aspect of your job, then you should definitely think about a move. In order to excel in your career, your job should really engage and challenge you. So how do you start to love your job again?.

Assess the job itself:  do you feel you’ve stagnated in your role or has your role evolved over time so that it no longer resembles the job you applied for in the first place? If so, that’s an easy fix. Either have a chat with your boss and see if it is possible to get back to the original role or start looking elsewhere to get that feeling of excitement back.

Are you up to speed in your field? Getting complacent is a major reason why most people stop loving their jobs. Thinking you know everything about your job can sometimes mean that you get a little lazy and are no longer actively trying to keep up to date with new developments. Unfortunately this may ultimately mean that you’re going to miss out on new opportunities either within your current job or in getting a new one.  Make a habit of reading trade publications or specialist websites. Set up alerts that can give you insights into the latest developments within your field and/or industry.

Focus on what you actually like about your job -  we don’t always get the luxury of picking and choosing certain aspects of our roles. But is there a way of increasing your focus on those that you like / enjoy? Talk to your employer about focusing on this particular part. However, bear in mind that it does have to add value to the organisation as a whole. 

Challenge yourself:   Ask for a meeting with your boss and suggest new tasks you could take on or put yourself forward for involvement in  It may sound crazy to ask for new responsiblities in a job that you’re not excited about but it may give you a different perspective on your job and how it fits into the overall strategy of the organisation. Feeling important and valued is a major part of a person’s happiness in work.

Work with different people:  even if you don’t necessarily dislike your current colleagues, sometimes getting a different viewpoint can prove a refreshing change. Working with other people you don’t usually have interaction with can make a difference in brainstorming sessions and can lead to inspiration, thereby getting the most out of your role.

Seek a mentor: Ask a range of diverse people to mentor you either in your organisation or through your professional associations. Establish your career goals and learning objectives from the start. By gaining a new perspective, you’ll rediscover your enthusiasm for your job.

Become a mentor yourself:  Sometimes just sharing the knowledge with new members of staff can reinvigorate your passion for your job. If you have no team that you can mentor in work, then perhaps create videos that you can push out via social media eg. LinkedIn. That establishes you as an expert in your field and could open up a whole new set of opportunities for you.


Loving your job is essential for your overall wellbeing. The workplace is where you spend the majority of your time and if you’re miserable there, then it will reflect not only on your colleagues but also on your family.  Wouldn’t you rather be driven by passion and a sense of purpose in your life? So remember – love your job or leave it!


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