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How To Succeed In A Remote Interview

11 May 2020

Brightwater's Stacy Keogh, Manager within our IT division goes through a step by step guide on how to best prepare and succeed in a remote interview.

We’ve all had to adapt our working processes in light of the Covid 19 pandemic and hiring managers are no exception. Hiring is still going on and to keep up with their business requirements, employers have to continue to interview and onboard employees albeit remotely.

Like any interview, there are a number of steps to take. Stacy Keogh, Manager of Brightwater’s IT division is working with a range of clients from multinational banks to international software houses and indigenous gaming companies all hiring across specialisms a such as software development, cyber security and helpdesk support. She has put together some helpful hints across 3 key areas on how to have a successful remote virtual interview:

(1) Familiarise yourself with the technology

  • Download the whatever app is being used (Zoom, Skype, WebEx etc) onto your tablet or your laptop and play around with it well in advance of your interview so you know what to expect.
  • Test the link and have the password by your side so any delays logging on aren’t on your side.
  • Have a contact number of the interviewer to hand in case of any problems.
  • Get familiar with any programmes on your laptop you may need for live testing during the interview if that’s required. Always make sure your laptop’s settings are up to date so you’re not running any updates during the interview which would delay the testing.
  • Check your wifi is running at full speed

(2) Interview Preparation

Other than the fact that it’s not in person, a remote virtual interview is like any other interview. The main key to success is preparation
  • Have your laptop ready in a quiet area of your home where you’re not going to be disturbed by family or any external interruptions. Make sure the area in the background of your camera looks tidy and professional.
  • Have notes handy to consult during the interview
  • Prepare typical interview answers and remember to have questions ready for the interviewer (s)
  • Do your research into the interviewers via LinkedIn. Familiarise yourself with their technical backgrounds so that you know the angle of their questions as well as get some common ground between you, eg university, qualification, interests.
  • Know (and be ready to discuss) the value that you’re going to bring to the role and company

(3) Interview Behaviour

  • Always be professional as with any interview – dress professionally from head to toe
  • Body language is so important, make sure your enthusiasm for the role is conveyed
  • Show your interest in the job through asking questions about the role, the company, where the role fits into the overall structure and what they hope you’ll contribute.
  • Follow all these tips and you’ll not only have a successful interview but the next virtual remote experience will be on-boarding in your new job!

If you have any questions on remote virtual interviewing or want to find out more on the IT jobs market, you can schedule a time to speak with Stacy via email [email protected].

Brightwater understands that there are a lot of people losing their jobs and are uncertain about their future and this is causing stress and anxiety. We as a country will recover from this and the Brightwater team are here to help you anyway way we can. 

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