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Innovate or Evaporate

31 Oct 2019

Accountants are no longer regarded as mere number crunchers but instead as cornerstones of their organizations.

Attending the last of 2019’s Chartered Accountants conferring ceremonies yesterday in Chartered Accountants House on Pearse Street, I was struck by how much things have changed for accountants over the years. While the Institute has always been forward thinking, the different ways in which (and by what extent) the profession has changed and how accountancy and finance professionals have had to adapt not only their skillsets but also their mindsets, is nothing short of amazing.

In speeches by Conall O’Halloran, President of the Institute and Joe Carroll, Head of Professional Development, the newly conferred members of the Institute were urged to make the most of the powerful set of skills that their qualification has given them. The syllabus for Chartered Accountants so far has had to adapt to changing markets and requirements and from next year on will include modules on data analytics, data visualisation and automation amongst others. “Innovate or Evaporate” was a phrase that the President was particularly fond of and that seemed to resonate with the audience. No longer are accountants regarded as mere number crunchers but instead as cornerstones of their organisations. At senior level, their knowledge and contribution should make the most impact on strategic decisions. As Joe Carroll said, the qualification itself does not determine where you go, just where you start. He urged the newly qualified accountants to continue to learn throughout their careers. CPD courses throughout the Institute number over 400 while other qualifications such as diplomas in IFRS, Forensic Accounting and Corporate Finance are all sought after in the business world. As accountants, your careers can span over 40 years. Joe made the point that while formal training may be over, learning is not! It is a constant process and accountants must adapt to ever changing regulations and rigorous requirements of their markets. He also urged the audience of newly qualified chartered accountants to build their network of contacts and use other Institute members as mentors to inspire them in their careers.

The really good news for accountants is that the market is buoyant right now and can offer the newly qualified accountant a broad range of roles within industry, practice and financial services. We have continued to see a steady demand for those in audit, financial reporting,  compliance, internal audit, financial analysis and financial control.

If you are interested in moving, remember to update both your CV and your LinkedIn profile to reflect your new status as a chartered accountant

We would be delighted to speak with you to discuss what opportunities are open to you even if you’re not quite ready to move yet. We can give you insights into the market, salary trends and what sector offers the best career paths for you.

Annita McGettigan is a Manager with Brightwater’s Accountancy division.  For further information and a confidential discussion about your career please contact our Brightwater team below on 01 662 1000 or email: [email protected]