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Invisible Heroes

26 Jul 2019

John Horrigan

In appreciation of System Administrator Appreciation Day we have decided to give a shout-out to all the invisible heroes out there!

Let’s face it, System Administrators are the invisible heroes of every company and the kings (and queens) of “Stuff Not Working” and ensuring that key IT components are working correctly and optimally. They are important problem solvers. They work miracles every day with just the most basic of information, usually “it’s not working” wailed dolefully down the phone. So, yes! They deserve an “Appreciation Day”!

The actual job description of a systems administrator generally includes the following:

  • Daily administration of I.T. systems Servers, workstations, and network infrastructure
  • Ensuring availability and performance of systems and network services
  • Monitoring system and network performance
  • Troubleshooting issues including escalations from the support desk.
  • Ensuring security and efficiency of IT infrastructure
  • Planning, configuration, and installation of new services
  • Manage or input into technical projects as and when required
  • Planning for (i.e. hoping to avoid) and responding to service outages and other problems

The reality is that System Administrators do so much more. They’re the people who staff members rely on when anything goes wrong and basically stand between everything running smoothly and potential chaos. For 365 days a year, (and often 24/7) system administrators are working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure there is little or no downtime for the company. They do the work that no-one else actually sees or even considers until there’s a problem. So today, in appreciation of System Administrator Day, we’d like to thank our own internal IT team for dealing with all our panicked phone-calls and give a shout-out to all the sysadmins out there!

Brightwater’s IT division has a range of System Administation roles currently available at multiple levels across the country. To discuss these roles, please contact John Horrigan on [email protected] or call (01) 6621000.