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It’s Not You, it's Progression

29 Jun 2017

Tara Higgins

So you beat some tough competition and have an exciting new job offer! Congratulations - now the hard part - handing in your notice...

First things first - ask your manager for a meeting and get ready to hand them your official resignation letter explaining that you’re resigning. Be firm on why you’re moving, whether it be a new opportunity, better salary/benefits, more variety in role or an environment change (hopefully a combination of at least two of the above!)

With these reasons in mind, be extremely gracious but firm in your decision.  If you’re counter-offered, explain that you have already made a really tough choice and that you’re excited about the opportunity. It’s easier to do this than drag out the process by saying you’ll reconsider if your motivations to move are still the same.

Thank them for the support and wish them all the best in the future, it might be a shock to them so it’s important to be understanding. Explain that you will work your notice period and assist with training your replacement and would be willing to do a handover meeting with them.

Resignation letter

Dear Sir/ Madam

First paragraph:

  • State you are resigning
  • Give the date your resignation is effective and state that you will work your notice period fully and assist fully with the transition, be it training in a replacement, handover etc.

Middle paragraph:

  • Thank your employer for the opportunities you have had during your employment with the company.
  • Thank the individual for the training and leadership they provided.

Final paragraph:

  • Offer again to assist with the transition.

Important point: This was not a decision I took lightly and once again I really appreciate the investment you have made in me while I worked here. I would like to wish the business all the best in the future.



Now that the hard part is over you can look forward to your new challenge. Best of luck!