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What's Next For Newly Qualified Chartered Accountants?

12 Apr 2019

Michelle Massey

Brightwater is the proud sponsor of Chartered Accountants Ireland Conferring Ceremonies. Michelle Massey, Consultant with Brightwater's Accountancy division was at the Dublin conferring and was on hand to offer congratulations to all new members.

I attended the evening session of the Chartered Accountants Ireland Spring Conferring and was delighted to see an impressive 149 members being admitted under the watchful eye of extremely proud family and friends. (The earlier ceremony in Dublin saw 75 new members being admitted to the Institute).

I always find the conferring ceremony really inspiring, seeing years of hard work and dedication being celebrated, witnessing proud parents hug in the corner, former colleagues/college friends’ mutual appreciation for the journey they have been on and of course selfies, all of the selfies!

As ever the speeches were fantastic, President Feargal McCormack discussed how much diversity has improved and is now at an all time high with over 42% female members. This tied in nicely with Feargal’s discussion of Deborah Somorin,a young ACA qualified accountant whose fantastic story is becoming a beacon for success through adversity and the outstanding success of Rachel Bell who won multiple awards on the night for her results.

I was struck by a quote Feargal finished on whilst discussing integrity as a Chartered Accountant:

“I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care”

As Feargal mentioned, this isn’t something that is just for your professional career but something that can (and should) be carried throughout life.

I thought about this in relation to my own career here at Brightwater as a consultant in Accountancy, we pride ourselves on caring about both candidate and client. It’s often what we are told sets us apart, we listen to understand, we explore your wants and our clients needs and then we match you based on what’s important to you both.

Now that your exams are over and you are officially a member of the Chartered Accountants Institute you may be considering what’s next for you – what career path to follow – what does the market look like for you right now?

We’re here to help guide you through that, with specialist consultants that understand the market in Industry, Financial Services, Banking, Funds & Practice you will be guaranteed that we care and we will show you we care and then we will tell you what we know.

Michelle Massey is a Consultant with Brightwater’s Accountancy division and specialises in the recruitment of qualified accountancy professionals across industry & commerce. She can be reached at [email protected]