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Your Pre-Holiday Work Checklist

28 Jun 2019

Eileen Moloney

Sometimes the stress of just trying to get work completed before going on holiday means that you’re too exhausted to enjoy your break. We’ve outlined some tips to make your pre-holiday preparation go as smoothly as possible

At this time of year, everyone is thinking about their much needed break in the sun. However, preparing to leave for sunny shores doesn’t just mean packing the sun-cream, sorting entertainment for the kids on the plane and giving your neighbour the house keys.  It means careful planning at work to allow you have a work free, blissful holiday!

Prioritise: Try and clear your desk as much as you can before you go. However you’re unlikely to get everything done so prioritise the most important tasks. Make a list of what definitely needs to be done by you and delegate the rest. And so to our next tip!

Delegate: Don’t be afraid to delegate. You’re not going to get everything done so you need to offload some work to your team and colleagues. You’ll do the same for them when they’re off on their own holidays. However, be mindful that they have their own work to cover so don’t overload one particular person with everything; spread the workload over your team.

Hand-over: Start this at least a week in advance so you’re not leaving it to the last minute. Leave as much information as possible on projects so that your colleagues are fully informed. Think about what may arise while you’re away and give them the tools / access to information that they may need. Go through the handover in person so that your colleagues can ask any questions if they’re unclear about anything on your list.

Out Of Office reply: Don’t forget to set your out of office reply. This should include the date you’ll be back and who to contact about urgent issues in your absence. If more than one colleague is covering your workload, you may need to list them so your contacts/clients can contact them directly. Remember to advise your colleagues if you are putting them as the point of contact.

Checking in on work on holiday: If you really feel you have to check in while you’re on holidays, then set limits. Check in on your emails once a day at a designated time (while being mindful of time-zones) and then put your phone away!

And finally…… switch off and enjoy your holiday! And don’t forget to buy the fancy Toblerones in the airport going home for your colleagues – you’ll be welcomed back with open arms!