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Why Relocate to Ireland? Why Not?

08 Jul 2019

Whether you are Irish and working overseas, now looking to return home or you’re considering relocation to Ireland, the question should really be: why WOULDN’T you want to move to Ireland?

1. Business: Ireland is a terrific place to do business- practically all of the world’s hi-tech, pharmaceutical and finance companies have their European HQs in Ireland. This is due to low corporate tax rates as well as having access to a highly skilled work-force. With the advent of Brexit, Ireland will be the sole English speaking country in the EU and is poised to take full advantage of this. 

2. Employment/Jobs: The 4.5% unemployment rate is the lowest it’s ever been and according to recent Eurostat figures, we rank ninth amongst the 28 EU nations when it comes to the health of our employment figures. However due to skills shortages, people in engineering, construction and IT are in high demand so there are plenty of opportunities for professionals looking to relocate or return home. Other sectors such as finance, compliance and supply chain have also plenty of jobs available for experienced professionals.

3. Education: Renowned as a land of “Saints and Scholars” Ireland has a great range of universities and third level colleges so if you’re planning on getting further qualifications, then there should be a course to suit you and your needs. The country has one of the most educated workforces in the world. If you’re looking for schools for your children, then there are plenty of faith-based and non-denominational schools at both primary and secondary level.

4. Sport: It’s a well-known fact that Ireland is a mecca for golfers with some of the world’s best courses (links and parkland) on tap and all within an easy drive. If surfing is what you’re after, then virtually every part of the west coastline is a surfer’s paradise with Donegal, Clare and West Cork in particular offering up huge swells. Ireland is also well known for its equestrian facilities so whether it’s the glamour of the racing course or gentle hacking along country lanes, all your tastes can be catered for. There’s also nothing like the atmosphere during the big matches for rugby in Aviva Stadium or cheering on your county in Croke Park.

5. Everything on your doorstep: Everywhere in Ireland is within a relatively short distance compared to other countries. If you want to go to the beach or the mountains for the weekend, it’s only a short drive away.

6. Weather: So we may not get sunshine all summer or powdery snow for skiing all winter but Ireland’s climate is pretty mild. You won’t get drastic weather conditions here! But every Irish person is in agreement, there’s nothing like Ireland when the sun’s out.

If you’re looking to return home or simply considering Ireland as your next career move, the Brightwater Group has a wide range of job opportunities available to you. For a confidential conversation on relocating to Ireland call our team on +353 1 662 1000