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Team Work Makes The Dream Work

04 Oct 2019


No man is an island especially when it comes to work. Working smoothly as part of a team is essential.

There are very few jobs that can be done in isolation. Whether you’re a receptionist or a CEO, you’re still part of what should be a well-oiled machine and you should be able to work collaboratively and effectively with others. There’s a reason why questions about teamwork consistently come up in interview. A successful team is one where everyone’s unique skills and strengths help the team achieve a shared goal in the most effective way so how you’ve worked in a team is of interest to any potential or current employer. Working as part of a team also has a dual benefit – a more harmonious working environment as well as producing more effective work.

We’ve outlined the ways to get the best out of your team while still being an integral part of it yourself.

Recognise each other’s skills and experience: No-one is going to be great at everything so it’s important to understand what people bring to the table. Working as part of a team means understanding the strengths and weaknesses of others and ensuring that everyone works to the best of their abilities and talents.

Listen to each other: Each person in the team deserves to be heard. Ideas only work when people listen to them. It can also mean clarifying what other team members mean so that you’re all working towards the same goal

Communication: Regardless of the team or tasks, every person in a team needs to work inter-dependently with each other. It doesn’t matter what channels of communication you use, either verbal or written as long as it works well for your team. There’s no right or wrong way for communication within a team, you just need to ensure that the style works for everyone. Eg. introverts need time to process the information while extroverts think on their feet and need instant feedback. Bad communication styles can lead to poor performance and low team morale. Good communication that ensures everyone is confident of their part to play is vital in any organisation.

Learn from each other: For professionals, every day is a chance to learn something new. Working in a team means that you get the opportunity to learn from your team-mates. Whether it’s IT or networking skills or absorbing their knowledge as they impart it to the group, you’re subconsciously learning from simply being surrounded by knowledgeable and talented people. If you’ve admired a project or concept that they’ve come up, ask them what their inspiration was or where they learned that particular skill.

Support each other: Working as part of a team should mean that you view your team members as collaborators rather than as competitors. Support in teams is always important for team morale and for learning opportunities.

So just why is team work so important on both sports pitches and the office? It’s how you work with a team to achieve the impossible. Employers want to work with people who are not just interested in personal glory but also in working towards something bigger that cannot be achieved by one person alone.

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