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The Temptation to Temp

02 Jan 2018


Who needs a permanent job – working on a temp or contract basis has many benefits and can be a great experience no matter what stage you’re at in your career.

 With so many more opportunities out there for people and the importance put on “career position”, what do you do if you are still trying to decide what the right path is for you?

Are you the type of person considering going back to education, travelling the world or maybe you have been with one organisation industry a long time and you are interested in seeing what else is out there?

The tempting factors:

You can grow a killer network
Being a temp means you get to meet a huge variety of people across many sectors. “A shrewd temp will constantly be increasing their networks and staying in touch”. Not only are you exposed to a variety of industries that you might not have immersed yourself in before, but star performers are constantly invited back, whether it’s to cover another contract within the company or offering a full-time role. It is not unusual to see repeat requests for our top temps over and over again.”

Develop your skills
It takes a lot of energy emotionally and mentally to start a new job – you need to learn names and figure out the pecking order –  A temp will often have to do this several times a year, thus acquiring a natural intelligence and sensitivity for this. The variety of the roles means it’s a great way to keep your skills sharp too. You definitely avoid the risk of becoming stagnant skill-wise in your work. Get out of your comfort zone and lead projects, work with the C-suite or be involved in pitch presentations – all these things are vital for professional development.

Get your foot in the door
Never, ever underestimate the power of the temp job. I have lost count of the many temps that I’ve come across who were placed and have gone on to be full time members of their assignment companies. After working closely with managers and colleagues for 3, 6 or more months and integrating as a member of the team, employers will often make a role full-time or go out of their way to do everything possible to find a placement where the temp can excel. It’s also a great chance for you to test-drive potential bosses and companies.

Have we tempted you yet?
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