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Virtual Interviews

31 Mar 2020

9 Key Tips - to make your virtual interview a success

Being interviewed by video is nothing new. In today’s global economy where professionals are as likely to move continents as they are to move down the road, virtual Interviews are commonplace. However, during the COVID-19 crisis where employers are still anxious to keep their business momentum going and continue their recruitment processes for much needed employees, the virtual Interview is having its moment in the spotlight.

  1. Check your connection: Make sure you have a solid network connection which won’t lead to image freezes or sound loss during the interview. Check this the day before and the morning off and make sure you check it on the device you’re going to be using. You don’t want to be frantically searching for the wifi password seconds before your interview.


  2. Be familiar with the type of technology: If you’re asked to interview via Zoom, Skype or any of the myriad of video tools that are available on the market, make sure you have it downloaded well in advance of the interview. Do a few practice runs with a friend if possible.


  3. Always have a back-up plan: In case of technical difficulties on the day either on your end or theirs, ensure you have the email and or contact number of the person you are interviewing with. If you can’t get access to this information, make sure to connect with them on LinkedIn. Having an email written out with your contact number or person zoom id is highly advised.


  4. Check the sound: As in any interview, it’s important to get your point across so you need to be heard. Investing in a proper microphone should eliminate any echo as should decent headphones. However if you are wearing headphones, make sure they’re discreet and don’t distract the interviewer. Remember to pause slightly before answering a question so that any sound delay won’t obscure your voice.


  5. Find a suitable location: Scout out the best location to conduct your interview without any distractions in the background. If you’re in front of a window, it will mean your interviewer just sees a silhouette so you must find a well-lit background. Facing a window may mean you’re distracted by what’s happening outside. Make sure it’s still in a location where your wifi connection is good. There is no sense disappearing up to a bright, well lit attic if your connection drops out. Make sure it’s a place where kids and pets can’t get into ( the BBC presenter whose kids bounded into view during a live camera interview will never live it down) and that there’s no sounds to distract either you or the interviewer.


  6. Dress Code: Always dress the part. It is still a formal interview. Make sure your attire is as formal below the eyeline as it is above in case you have to get up during the interview to close a door / fetch a file or the fire alarm goes off and suddenly the interviewer gets to see your PJ pants and flipflops as you run out of camera focus.


  7. Body Language: Be aware of how you look on camera. Always do a couple of trial runs so that you’re aware of how you come across on camera or any nervous habits like tugging at your hair. Constant eye contact is great but leave the psycho killer stare to actors in a horror movie. Try and practice a few times prior to the interview so that you’re comfortable with how you look. Try a few angles that you’re happy with before the real thing. Remember to look into the camera and not the screen


  8. Limit distractions: Keep your phone on silent and if you know you’re usually surgically attached to your phone, leave it off to one side so you’re not tempted to look at it during the interview.


  9. Stay Hydrated: Have a glass of water beside you because you’re not there in person, a virtual Interview may mean you talk more than you would. Have a glass of water sitting to the side (not too near just in case you spill it) so you can take a sip. It also gives you an excuse to gather your thoughts if you’ve just been asked a tricky question.

Virtual Interviews are an ideal way particularly at this time to keep the recruitment process going and businesses making plans for the future. They also allow you to showcase your skills from the comfort of your own home so remember to smile and embrace video as a valuable interview tool that’s going to get you the job you love!

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