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Why Engineering is a career to love!

16 Feb 2017

Andrew Rowley

Have you ever considered Engineering as a career path? Read our latest blog post to see why it is an excellent and fulfilling career path!

Why would anyone love a career in engineering? It requires a technical bent, mathematical flare, creative ingenuity, a mastery of complex modelling technologies; the list could go on. Agreed it's not for everyone, but believe or not, it could a very rewarding and lucrative career and not many people realise this aspect.

Let's just take a look at the variety of options a career in engineering has to offer:

We all know about structural and civil engineering, I mean this is Ireland after all. We have practically built anything and everything worth building the world over; towers, bridges, roads, dams, malls you name it. However, buildings have to be fitted out by Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. We all need light and water, air-conditioning, lifts and IT infrastructure. And if you think we as people are demanding, take a look inside a data centre. Today's high-speed high capacity servers know want sort of conditions they like to work in and refuse work if they don't get them. Then there are the consumer goods we can't live without these days. Electronic Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Polymer Engineers and their ilk design them. Chemical Engineers, NPD Engineers, Process Engineers and Manufacturing Engineers work out how they are to be made. Quality Engineers ensure they work first time every time. But hold on we're getting ahead of ourselves, who works out how to get the raw materials out of the ground? You guessed it, Engineers, and we are still only scratching the surface.  

We’ve established that the word engineer is practically infinite in its remit. But what exactly do engineers do? Well put simply, they get to play with some of the best technical toys on the market, from 3D & 4D design software and the latest systems modelling packages, cutting edge materials and the latest manufacturing and construction technologies. Why? To build the world we are going to live in tomorrow. 

So do you want to play a part in tomorrow? If so, please get in touch with our Engineering Recruitment Consultants.

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