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Why would I use a recruiter? 5 candidate benefits from the inside

02 Jun 2017

Tara Higgins

Before starting my career in recruitment not all of these benefits were evident! The lack of knowledge around how recruitment consultancies work could mean that you’re completely missing out on exclusive opportunities, guidance around the interview process. More importantly even better negotiations around your terms of employment, all of which come at absolutely no cost to you.

Awareness of jobs on the market: We will monitor jobs boards and open vacancies so you don’t have to in order to ensure that marketable candidates have every opportunity available to them.   Many businesses, SMES, large indigenous companies and MNC’s use recruiters so they are not inundated with irrelevant CV’s and sometimes do not even advertise themselves. There are also opportunities that are completely confidential whereby a recruiter is appointed to reach out only  to registered candidates that match a list of prerequisites. Simply: If you are not in it, you can’t win it. 

Our consultancy is free for the candidate: Your consultant is working (very hard) for free on your behalf until you accept an offer. This means you get updates on everything relevant in the market place, can attend meetings, have interviews arranged for you and offers negotiated at no financial cost and you can decide what to give your time to (and when you are available for interview to an extent).  Your recruitment consultant will also provide insight, extensive interview preparation and guidance on the full recruitment process so you can be fully prepared. ‘Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.”  ― Robert H. Schuller

Finding opportunities and generating job leads for skilled candidates is our full-time job: From your initial phonecall/ meeting your consultant sees value in your experience and are speaking with you in order to find out what kind of opportunity you would like, what companies you are interested in and what type of offer you would accept. We will engage with our clients on your behalf and can sometimes create opportunities for you with your dream company based on our relationships and record of service with our clients. ‘There is no advertisement as powerful as a positive reputation traveling fast.’ – Brian Koslo

War on talent: In the KPI driven, highly competitive world of recruitment and with the war on talent in many fields your consultant will aim to negotiate the most competitive offer for you so that you will hopefully say yes to their job offer. When a recruiter is the preferred supplier and has a great track record with the company or team it can be invaluable to have their endorsement and can sometimes guarantee you a chance to shine at interviews and can sell you into the company on fit aswell as experience.  ‘The value of experience is not in seeing much, but in seeing wisely.’- William Osler

Salary Negotiation: A make it or break it moment in any interview process, the uncomfortable salary question is an interviewer favourite that a recruiter can really help you with on two counts.
  1. Prior to any interview process, you will be told the level of salary on offer within your client’s budget so you can avoid pricing yourself out of the running for the role.
  2. Following a successful interview, your recruiter will follow up with you and ask if you’re interested in receiving an offer for the role and if you are what you would be happy to accept. Your recruiter will then relate this information to the client and will negotiate the best deal we can on your behalf knowing what you will accept. Remember- if you don’t say yes to the job offer- the recruiter has nothing to show for their work and our fees are based on your salary too- the better you do, the better we do- Win-win!

Remember: Recruitment is free to you as the candidate and “Nothing is as expensive as a Missed Opportunity” – H. Jackson Brown Jr

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