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Writing a Cover Letter

11 Jan 2016

Brightwater Recruitment

A cover letter is the best introduction to your CV that you can offer potential employers yet is still a major pitfall for most job seekers. For the best tips on composing a cover letter, read on........

Your cover letter is just as important as your CV.  It is your first and best opportunity to make a good impression. Always include a cover letter with your CV. Whether you are sending it by post or by email, it must always be both professional and courteous.

To see an example of an ideal cover letter, click here!

Address it correctly

Address it directly to the correct recipient. If you are replying to an ad and it gives you a general address, ensure that you use this. If you are applying on spec, find out the name of the HR Manager or the relevant line manager. This gives potential employers the impression that you have taken the time to find out who they are.

Format Cover Letter

Always make sure that your cover letter uses the same stationery, font style and presentation style as your CV. This means that when placed together, the CV and cover letter look like a cohesive unit.

Specify the Role

This should be the first sentence. It is particularly helpful to a large company where HR departments may not know which role you are applying for. Where possible, mention where you saw the job advertisement e.g. “I am applying for the role of Forensic Accountant with your company as advertised in the Irish Times last Friday the 4th January”.

Include your contact details

Always put your contact details in the cover letter and remember if applying for a role internationally, to put in the area code for your mobile / home phone number. 


Include a brief paragraph on what your skills and experience are in order to highlight your suitability for the role. Add in any information about your experience that you feel could add value to the role and/or company but remember to keep it brief.  Also highlight your versatility as an employee.

Reason for Interest

Tell them why you are interested in their company and state why they should be interested in you as a potential employee.

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