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Why should I use a recruiter to find a job?

01 Jun 2016


How many times in your life have you switched GP’s or your trusty mechanic? Apart from major moves or dissatisfaction, I’m guessing you have forged a long relationship with them – they understand your medical history and when to change the oil or go with the works on a full service (you or your car). Why would your career and your personal brand be any different?

Let’s take a step back and look at the usual methods employed by today’s professional on the move:

  • Job Boards
  • Referrals
  • Recruiters

With Job Boards it’s up to you as a job seeker to do the ground work, simple to use but you need to really make sure you stand out from the crowds to secure a spot on the interview shortlist.

Undoubtedly your strongest network is your personal one. Reaching out to colleagues, alumni, ex managers, can be a great way to advance your career. The downside is that you may not be comfortable selling your skills to people that you already know, especially if you’re making a move for personal reasons or due to a redundancy.

When it comes to Recruiters, the big advantage is that you immediately have access to a large network that is relevant to your field. Often candidates spread themselves so thinly, that multiple recruiters are submitting the same CV to a prospective employer, thus giving a first impression that they are desperate for a new job. It sounds harsh but it is the reality – this type of behaviour can be detrimental to your career.

At Brightwater we take representing you very seriously. We’ll negotiate for you,but we also set expectations from the start – we’ll be upfront and will tell you when it’s time to accept the offer or move on. Many of our candidates have been with us for years and trust us to do the work for them. They know that we know what they value, and won’t come knocking at their door with a job that requires heavy travel when they’ve told us they want to strike a better work/life balance. The key here is to build trust and when you find a good recruiter – stick with them!

This list is a great start:

Does the recruiter know the industry? Here at Brightwater, many of us have stood in your shoes. We are accountants, solicitors, bankers / funds professionals and we know the market inside out and what your needs are.

How long have they been recruiting? Not to say a newbie recruiter won’t “get” you, but more tenure means more contacts which means -> more opportunities for you.

Why should you work with a recruiter? You get personal service, professional representation of your personal brand and exposure to a top notch network of opportunities.

Growth in recruiters has seen a boom thanks to a strong jobs market in recent times but the fact remains that Dublin is small. Why involve a multitude of recruiters? You won’t get more exposure – we are likely all on the same case! When we represent you, you’ll be getting the star treatment, we don’t call you with offers that aren’t relevant. We connect with you and find out what your needs are and over the years we get to know what you want, when to call you (more importantly, when NOT to call you). You don’t need to partner with everybody, you just need to partner with the best, and that’s Brightwater.

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