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Karen McCarthy - May Temp of the Month

Q - What’s your background?
A - My background is pretty diverse! I have a degree in Philosophy and have done everything from violin teaching to economic research to founding an educational support network. I recently returned to education to do an MSc. in Cognitive Science in UCD.

Q -  How did you get into temping?
A - After a break from the workforce, temping made sense for me to try different roles and rebuild my experience and my CV.

Q - Did you ever think you’d be in a job like this?
A - 
Yes, I was open to most jobs and I’m willing to try roles until I find a fit I like.

Q - Did you enjoy temping?
A - I really enjoy it; it’s invigorating and interesting to meet new people and find out how their organisation functions.

Q - How do you deal with the uncertainty of work?
A - 
It is challenging not knowing what I’ll be doing in 3 or 6 months from now. But that can work for me too because I am not tied to one role.

Q - What skills did you bring to the job that helped you with temping?
A - Flexibility is one of my biggest assets and has worked well for me. Doing my homework on the organisation I work for and getting up to speed on the role is also important, as is the ability to relate to people and not being afraid to ask questions!

Q - How did you become aware of Brightwater's Temporary and Contract division?
A -Several people mentioned Brightwater to me when I said I was considering temping as a way to re-enter the workforce. I looked up the website and made a call. The rest, as they say, is history!

Q - Have you enjoyed the temping process with Brightwater?
A -My experience with Brightwater has been nothing but positive. I have recommended the team to several friends already.

Q - Was it a long /short process to find a temp job with Brightwater?
A - Within a couple of hours of my initial meeting with Brightwater I got a call about a potential role. I was very impressed and it immediately gave me confidence that I had something to offer employers. While that job didn’t pan out, it was the start of a great relationship and I have enjoyed the roles I have had since.

Q -  What were your initial thoughts of temping?
A - Having the support of Brightwater and their confidence in me made a big difference. It can be daunting to come back to the workforce after a long absence but the team at Brightwater made me feel I had solid transferable skills and abilities to offer and they know how to let employers know that.

Q - What did you learn about yourself from temping ?
A - I learned that I enjoy new challenges and new people, and that I have more than I gave myself credit for to offer employers, from my education to my experience to my life skills.

Q - Would you approach it differently now you’ve been through the other side?
A - No, I think I would take the same path and would recommend it to others who have been out of the workforce for a while. The only thing I would have done differently is that I would have started a few years ago!

Q - What has been your experience of temping before Brightwater?
A -Brightwater has been my first experience of temping.

Q - Did temping surprise you in any way?
A  -What has surprised me is the number of people I have met in permanent jobs who started out as temps. It seems to be a common route to use temping as a path to find a permanent role.

Q - Why do you like working as a temp for Brightwater?
A - Brightwater have been great at finding roles that fit my skills and interests. They are very responsive if I have questions and have been very helpful every step of the way.

Q - Is temping an easy job?
A - It depends on the job! It can be challenging to get up to speed quickly in a new organisation and step into the shoes of someone who perhaps did that role for years.

Q - What do you think are the common misconceptions around temping?
A - I hope the misconceptions are falling away as people see that temping can work positively for both temps and employers. Temps can structure their own time and build their own careers and employers can get fresh ideas and input from new people coming in to their organisation. Younger generations embrace the flexibility it gives them, and many people like myself coming back into the workforce can do the same, with added life experience!

Q - Who should apply for a temp role?
A - Anyone who wants to try a few different roles before going down one route, whether they are just starting a career, or coming back to one.

Q - What do you need to succeed in a temp role?
A - Flexibility, openness to experience and people, an ability to learn quickly, and confidence. Also, not being afraid to ask questions…nobody minds and nobody expects you to know everything right away!

Karen McCarthy - Temp of the Month

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