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Jodie McArdle - February Temp of the Month

Q - What’s your background?
A - I went to Alexandra College, then on to NCAD where I studied Fashion Design. 

Q -  How did you get into temping?
A - After being in a job for 9 months I decided I wanted to look for more short term jobs so I could have time to work on my portfolio at home.

Q - Do you enjoy temping and what do you enjoy about it?  
A - Yes I do. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing different workplaces and trying new things. It keeps things fresh and exciting. 

Q - What skills did you bring to the job that helped you with temping?
A -I am able to adapt quickly to new jobs and work environments and I am a fast and eager learner. 

Q - How did you become aware of Brightwater's Temporary and Contract division?
A - Looked up temping consultancy companies online.

Q - Have you enjoyed the temping process with Brightwater?
A - Yes. It has been amazing. They found me a job the day after I signed up with them. They are very friendly and always stay in touch both while in a job or while looking for one. 

Q - Was it a long /short process to find a temp job with Brightwater?
A -Short. I went in on the Thursday and on the Friday they called to offer me a job that started on Monday.

Q - How did you feel about the idea working on a temporary basis?
A - Excited. It’s nice experiencing new places and trying new jobs. 

Q - What has been your experience of temping before Brightwater?
A - Not a lot, Brightwater was the first and only temp company that I have signed up to.

Q - Why do you like working as a temp for Brightwater?
A - They are very quick at finding work for me, always friendly and easy to talk to, which makes the process a whole lot easier. 

Q - Is temping an easy job?
A -So far my experience has been very good. I have no complaints. 

Q - Who should apply for a temp role?
A -I think temping is perfect for someone like me trying to work on other things at home who just needs a bit of money coming in but is okay with not having work all the time as it means I can work on my portfolio etc. Also it’s nice not feeling tied down to a job when you are trying to figure out what it is that you want to do in life. 

Q -  What do you need to succeed in a temp role?

A - I think you need to be flexible, easy going, a quick learner and a friendly outgoing person who enjoys meeting new people and trying new things. 

Jodie McArdle - Temp of the Month

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