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A Career in Recruitment

31 Oct 2018

Patrick Keeney

Patrick Keeney, Consultant in Brightwater’s Accountancy division illustrates why he thinks running a marathon is similar to working in recruitment.

You have heard how tough it is

Gruelling, difficult and challenging

Many don’t succeed

Can I do it?

Late Nights

Early Mornings

Meeting new people

Good days and bad days

Days where it feels like you will never get there

Good advice from those with experience



Satisfaction when you can see improvement

Demoralisation when you have a setback

You know the rewards

And then the finish line is in sight

That feeling




Support from those that have helped you

And then….

Onto the next one

Because recruitment is a marathon, not a sprint!

Patrick Keeney, is a Consultant in Brightwater’s Accountancy division, specialising in the placement of part qualified accountants in industry roles. 

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