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Administrative Professionals Day 2020

16 Apr 2020


Today is Administrative Professionals' Day, time to appreciate all the work that admin teams do to support organisations everywhere.

Today is Administrative Professionals Day, a day originally created in the 1950’s to recognise the work of secretaries but then evolved in the 1980s as a way of appreciating all the (mostly) invisible and unrecognised work that all admin professionals do year round.

So what does an admin professional actually do?

The term “administrative professional” covers a myriad of roles, each as important as each other. From Executive Assistants to P.As, from legal secretaries to medical secretaries, from receptionists to customer service representatives, there is a multitude of specialities covered by this one overall label! They all have one thing in common though, without them, companies would crumble! Or at the very least take much longer to be half as efficient. And while this year, during the COVID-19 pandemic, receptionists aren’t on the frontline as they usually are, greeting clients and answering calls, the role of the administrative professional is still as busy, if not busier than ever.

Who’s busy right now?

Medical secretaries are working flat out to keep up with the increased workload that their profession now has due to the crisis. From helping GPs register patients for Corona testing to dealing with insurance queries and scheduling calls, many of them are now working 7 days a week to deal with a surge in business. Admin professionals working in healthcare insurance or manufacturing companies are also working with increased volume of calls to their organisations from both the general public and clients such as hospitals, GP surgeries and suppliers. In many cases, they’re the ones responsible for detailing orders, data entry, ordering supplies and monitoring calls. Currently, they may also be working from home, juggling child-care and their own families’ needs as well as their jobs; an already tough role made even tougher.

For many admin professionals, working from home during lockdown has made their job harder. They’re not just dealing with forwarding emails, but also transferring calls to mobiles instead of extensions that they know like the back of their hands. Businesses such as telecommunications, insurers and manufacturers are all dealing with increased calls so admin professionals, especially those in customer service roles such as call centres are front and centre.

Take a moment to appreciate them

So today, on Administrative Professionals’ Day, take a moment out to appreciate and acknowledge everything your administration team do whether they’re in the office or working from home. At Brightwater, our administration team is the backbone of our office. Led by Aoife Clarke, our Director of Administration and Operations, fully supported by Dara Nugent (Manager, Dublin), Aileen Kelly-O’Sullivan (Office Manager, Cork), Jaime Henderson (Office Manager, Belfast), and our administrative team Karen Blake, Emma Rogers, Laura Kirby, Vourneen Tynan and Suzanne Lawlor, this mini-army of admin professionals is what keeps our engines purring smoothly! Thank you to all of you!

If you need help with adding administrative professionals to your team, either on a temporary or permanent basis, please contact Emma Anglim on [email protected] in our Dublin office or call + 353 1 6621000 or if you're in the Munster area, please contact Eadaoin Looney on [email protected] or call + 353 21 4221000