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How to Love Your Job

17 Feb 2017

Do you love your job? If you don't this doesn't have to be a permanent feeling and you can start the road to loving your job by following a few easy steps!

While the reality is we can’t all be infatuated with our jobs, we can learn to love our job and to really enjoy it. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and so it is vital that you can enjoy and love what you do.

Often, when people stop enjoying their job they will go in search of a new job – this isn’t always the correct solution and in many cases learning how to enjoy what you do is all that it takes. The saying ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’ is quite apt here – it is likely that a new job will come with its own set of problems and it’s important to learn how to persist and start enjoying your job.

If you sit back and wait for change, more than likely nothing is going to change, unless of course you decide to take matters into your own hands. Simple things like getting up each day and being able to smile through your working day are much easier when you love what you do.

A recent study by researchers at the University of Michigan states that jobs simply aren’t love at first sight – you need to achieve passion for your work over time. You’re not going to learn to love your job over night and it is a work in progress- remember Rome wasn’t built in one day!

Below, we have set out some steps for you to take in order to learn how to love your job:

What do you like doing- spend some time thinking about what you’re focusing on? If you’re working on projects that you really dislike, then you will lock yourself into negative thoughts. Try and identify the things about your job that you love. Ask yourself what you like about your job? Is it challenging you enough? By thinking of the positives, it can help to change your attitude.

Set goals – your dissatisfaction might be linked to you not being entirely satisfied in your role. Compile a list of what you would like to achieve in the coming months. If you do get a bout of negativity in work, take a moment to pause and think of the goals you have set yourself to achieve and this should help you to remain positive and focused. As you learn to focus on your vision, you will see a shift in your attitude.

Take on new challenges – don’t be afraid to put yourself forward to take on new responsibilities at work. Working on something new can be refreshing and it also gives you the opportunity to develop or improve your skillset. Your range of skills is part of the reason you got hired in the first place and adding to your skillset is only going to be advantageous to your career.

Take breaks – taking time out to re charge should be an element of your working day. While it is easy to get tied to your desk for the day, do try and take even a few minutes where you can switch off from it all and clear your head.

Know when to move on – it’s normal to have bad days or even bad weeks but it’s not ok to have bad months. Once you know you’ve giving substantial time and energy to try to love your job, yet you have not been successful, then you know it’s now time for a change. Figuring out the career path you want can be difficult. Our dedicated team of experts here at Brightwater would be delighted to assist you with your career change.

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