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New Year - Time to Make that Move?

03 Jan 2018

Eileen Moloney

At some stage in their career, everyone experiences that dreaded “Sunday Evening Fear”, where you really don’t want to drag yourself into work on the Monday morning. The Christmas holiday period only serves to exacerbate this feeling for many. This means that the first day back in the office in January is the time when most people decide to make that move! But before you decide to tender your resignation, here are a few things to consider!

Are you really fed up of your job or simply your current employer?

If you’re fed up with your job, then getting a new but similar job will only mean that the problems will still be there. Perhaps instead of a kneejerk reaction and handing in your notice, take some time to think about the reasons why you don’t like your job. It may mean upskilling or retraining, even taking a backwards step in your career to get the job you really want. Make a list of your strengths and skills and compare them to the “must have” lists of jobs that you’re applying for.  It’s important to be really honest with yourself at the same time and make a list of your weaknesses so that you know what you need to work on to improve.

If it’s a case of being fed up with your employer, then it’s definitely time to move! Again, make a list of your skills and strengths. Also look around the market and compile a target list of employers.  Do you want to stay in the same type of company ie a start-up in the tech field or do you want to look outside your sector? Have a chat with your recruiter, they’ll help you narrow down your target list and will be able to give you a real insight into the employer’s culture.

Are you moving for a bigger salary?

If your sole motivation for moving is for a bigger salary, then you may be looking for another move sooner than you think. Money is definitely not everything when it comes to job satisfaction so if you do get that job with the bigger salary you’ve been hoping for, do ensure that you’re happy with everything else ie.  expected hours, commute time, work life balance and responsibilities. Many people say that they only want to move for a bigger salary but there are other issues to take into consideration. Remember that December / January are also the times that bonuses are usually paid out so be aware of timing issues when handing in your notice. What you get in your salary increase in the new job may not make up for missing an annual bonus.

Get your CV and social media presence in order

Prior to looking for a new job, it’s always prudent to look over your CV and social media profiles, especially LinkedIn. You may have gained new skills since the last time you updated your CV and profile. It’s vital to add those new skills in order to attract the attention of potential employers. Take advantage of the long Christmas holiday period to revamp your CV and social media presence. Make sure you tailor your CV to each job. Sending a tailored CV may seem tedious but it will pay dividends.

Get ahead of the crowd this festive season and make sure that you hit your January job search running!