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Panel Interviews

07 Jan 2016

Brightwater Recruitment

A panel interview can sound intimidating. Faced with the prospect of sitting opposite three or four interviewers, this can prove daunting for even the most senior executives but they are increasingly becoming a common part of the interview process........... Read on for our best advice on handling them.

Why Employers Implement Panel Interviews

  • It can prove easier to bring several staff members together at once to interview a candidate than to organise a series of individual meetings.
  • It provides the basis for a real discussion of both the job and the added value that the interviewee can bring to the table.
  • It offers the company an opportunity to see how the interviewee would cope in presentations with clients or their colleagues.
  • It also allows a member of the panel to sit back and observe the interviewee’s reaction rather than focus purely on the technical aspect of their answers.


Always find out beforehand who will be involved. This will help you prepare for the slant of the questions e.g. a HR professional may concentrate on softer skills and the cultural fit, while a line manager will focus on technical knowledge and experience.

At the end of the interview, shake each person’s hand and thank them by name. This will show attention to detail and will leave them with a good lasting impression.

If you were asked to bring documentation with you. Remember to bring copies for each member of the panel, as well as yourself.

Where possible, try and find photos of the members of the panel. This will make it easier to memorise their faces and names on the day.

Remember not to focus on just one interviewer. Keep eye contact with all members of the panel. Look at the relevant person when they are speaking but when you are answering, include all members in your answer and make eye contact.

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