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Working Overseas

01 Jan 2016

Brightwater Recruitment

Working abroad can be an incredibly exciting experience but have you thought your decision through? And how do you deal with visas, work permits and the actual packing? We've outlined everything you need to consider before making your final decision............ Read on for more

Job Prospects

- Is this an actual viable option for your qualifications and experience?
- Are there real opportunities available for you overseas or are you simply going to be incurring more expense by travelling overseas?
- Are you being forced by economic necessity to go abroad and will it do your career any good in the long run?
- Will you be gaining new skills that will stand you ingood stead if you do return?

Ireland has traditionally had a history of emigration but before you go, have you considered all the ramifications of working overseas?
At Brightwater, we would always recommend talking to people who specialise in recruiting for jobs in your sector first and getting all the facts first before making a decision.


Getting a visa may not be as easy as you think. Research the country first carefully. If it’s a European country, then you won’t need any visas. If it’s outside the EU, then conditions vary from country to country. You will not always be guaranteed a visa as it very much depends on your qualifications and particular country’s requirements.Some countries like Australia and the US offer working holiday visas or if you are above graduate level, you can get in via international labour agreements if that country is in desperate need of particular skills. Medical staff, engineers and accountants have all come under this banner at various times.

At Brightwater we would recommend getting information from the embassies of the relevant countries and find out whether you would even be granted a visa. Don’t just assume that just because you have been offered a working visa that it allows you to bring your family as well.

Financial and Personal Commitments

This is one area that you will need to carefully consider and do your research.

Do you have financial commitments here in Ireland that would prevent you from moving overseas? Would you be able to incur the expense of loans here and moving abroad if the company does not provide relocation allowances? You need to look at your financial debt and see if you can manage it. For example, if you have a house here, will you be able to sell it or rent it out for the duration of your stay overseas? If the company is providing a house overseas, you may be able to continue to pay your mortgage here without having to sell or rent. If you have additional loans, you need to make sure you have enough money in your account to continue paying those direct debits.

If a partner or your family is accompanying you, can they secure work permits and if not, can you support them on your salary over there? If you have children, you need to check out schools for them in your chosen destination or if the location is even suitable for children. If it is not suitable, would your employer provide for boarding school fees and if not, can you afford it out of your own salary?

Even simple things such as pets – you need to find out if you can bring them with you, and if so, do they need to be quarantined on the way back or do you have relatives / friends that will look after them for you.

On a more serious note, consider your own health carefully and that of your family. Do you have any medical condition that will need to be monitored whilst you are abroad ie. asthma, diabetes? If so, what are the prices of your required medication in your chosen location and are they easily accessible? Imagine having an asthma attack in the middle of the desert and your inhaler has run out. What do you do? You also need to find out if you can actually bring that medication into the country.

Once you have considered everything carefully and still think that working overseas is for you, remember that this could be the best and most rewarding career move that you could ever make!

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