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Electrical Control Engineering Student - TU Dublin

08 Mar 2019

Aine Wynne

Aine Wynne - Electrical Control Engineering Student at Technological University Dublin discusses what first prompted her into the world of engineering.

Q.  What course are you studying?
A.   Electrical Control Engineering at Technological University Dublin 

Q.  What year are you in?
A.   First Year

Q.  Why did you choose this course?
A.  I was lucky enough to have a weeks work experience with Arup, during my week there I found electrical engineering the most interesting.

Q.  How many women are in your course?
A.  Just myself, no more.

Q. Did any drop out and if so, at what stage?
A. There was one other, but she left before the end of semester one.

Q. Do you remember the first time you thought about/considered a career in engineering?
A.  Yes, my maths grinds teacher was asking me about the CAO. I explain I had no idea what to do but I liked technology and maths. She was also my technology teacher so she advised me to look into engineering.

Q.  Do you have any role models in the industry? 
A.  Honestly my technology teacher from secondary school, big shout out to Grainne Enright. Without her I don’t know where I’d be. But as for people my field, I haven’t yet come across many that I admire yet.

Q. Is there or has there been any Engineers in your immediate family or friend group?
A. No, I will be the first!

Q. Do you think an interest in Engineering could have been sparked in school?
A. Definitely, in technology class. We learnt about circuits and from then on I knew that was what I wanted to do.

Q. Do you think there are subject choices and correct careers guidance towards Engineering in secondary school?
A. There is more today than 10 years ago, but that is still not enough. 

Q. Do you know the career paths available to you after this course?
 Not yet, but I think we will be told more as we come to finishing up

Q. In what sector do you see yourself working after college?
Not yet, but I think we will be told more as we come to finishing up

Q. In what sector do you see yourself working after college?
A. Definitely in electrical.

Q. Are there any particular companies you have targeted that you would like to work in following qualification?
A. I have my heart set on Arup just because I’ve done work experience with them.

Q. Have you considered working abroad?
Yes, one day I’d love work abroad. It would be an opportunity I would not pass up.

Q. Are you part of a “Women in Engineering” or a “Women in Stem” group?
  Yes actually, in Dit there has been a mentoring program set up to encourage female engineers to continue with that career.

Q. Do you think they play an important part in supporting women in your industry?
A. 100%. It gives you a boost to see you’re not the only girl out there in your future career. 

Q. Do you feel that there should be more support for women going into or working in Engineering?
Yes always, it can be really difficult sometimes as you will always be seen as different no matter how well you work. 

Q. If so, what do you think can be done?
It's not being encouraged enough in secondary schools, secondary schools need to give the students more opportunities to try aspects of engineering. Especially in all girls schools a lot of them don't do metal work, woodwork or IT.