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Project Manager - Construction

08 Mar 2019

A Project Manager in the construction industry discusses what first prompted him into the world of engineering and what a typical working day looks like for him.

Q.  What qualifications do you have?
A.  Qualified Mechanical Fitter - Technological University Dublin Bolton Street

Q.  What made you choose engineering as a career?
  Always enjoyed solving problems and finding the correct solution  

Q.  What are the different aspects of your job?
A.  Anything from solving an electrical / mechanical problem, logistics of material deliveries all the way to HR issues with my staff and financial responsibilities

Q.  Describe your typical day?
5:30am start - commute to Dublin, conduct several site visits, put out a few fires, hit the office, paperwork, more paperwork, emails, speak with my peers, commute home.. all good! 

Q.  Is there a constant need to up-skill in your particular area?
A.  Yes , Technology is constantly changing and our computers are constantly updated with the changes so we're always trying to keep ahead  

Q.  If so, how do you up-skill?
A.  Internet, attending trade shows, listening to other colleagues, general research

Q.  Are you supported by your employers in this?
A.  Occasionally 

Q. Engineering took a huge hit during the recession what do you think can be done to future-proof your industry / sector? 
A. Try and ensure that our talents are never lost and be able to diversify