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Falling in Love with your New Job

13 Feb 2017

Got a new job but not sure if it’s right for you? Brightwater has put together our top tips on how to fall head over heels with your new job.

Attitude, Attitude & Attitude!

The first step in falling in love with your new job is having a positive attitude. Enthusiasm, passion and interest are all key components of success in your new position. Being open and positive to your new role and responsibilities will make settling into your new job seamless!

Balance is Key

As with most things in life, balance is key. Striking a work-life balance is essential for falling in love with your new job. Overworked employees are much more likely to suffer with stress, be less efficient, less sociable and overall, less productive doing their work.  Finding time to do things you enjoy outside of work will have a brilliant impact on your focus inside work.   

Get Involved

Starting a new job can be a minefield – meeting new colleagues can be especially intimidating. Relationships are the backbone of most organisations, even those where you mostly work alone. It is important to take time and introduce yourself to everyone. Learn from top performers and their success. Remember, you can learn at least one thing from every single person in the organisation no matter how big or small.

Take Initiative

Early on in your new job you will be given small doses of work. Starting slowly allows you to get your feet wet without getting overwhelmed. As you finish assignments and are ready to handle a bigger workload, take the initiative and take on more assignments, don’t be afraid to share new ideas and possible plans with your manager.

Get Good Habits Early

As you get more familiar with your new responsibilities and duties, keep track of what you’re doing well and learn from your mistakes. Building up good habits early will certainly stand to you in falling in love with your new job. Don’t be afraid to ask your manager for feedback and how you can improve. Your first number of weeks are a learning curve, it’s important to keep this momentum going throughout the year.

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