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New Year, New Job – Take Control of Your Career in 2017

10 Jan 2017

Laura Mattimoe

Ready to take control of your career in 2017? Let Brightwater take you through some of our top tips for securing your dream job and taking the next step in your career.

Personal goals, motivators & values

Ask yourself what your goals are and what do you want to achieve? Is there an organisation you admire? Or a cause that you want to contribute to? Consider the type of work environment you thrive in, do you enjoy pressure or a more relaxed environment? Where do you want to be in 5, or maybe even 10 years?

Discovering your own values and motivations is essential in developing your dream career. Maybe a particular type of work environment appeals to you – some people are financially driven, others enjoy security in their profession, while others want a challenging job. Whatever your motivator is consider how you can use this to your advantage and use it as the blueprint for finding your dream job.

Skills, interests & hobbies

A vital first step in finding your dream job involves looking at what skills, interests and hobbies you have, look at how these can benefit you in taking the next step. You might be interested in fashion, or maybe you’re a fan of a certain brand or organisation – look at these factors and consider if you could turn it into a full time career.

If you need to up-skill why not consider doing a night-time or online course?  Take classes, go to workshops, read books, watch YouTube tutorials and try something new. Anything related to your dream job will certainly be helpful. Remember a new hobby can be the start of a new career!  

Build your dream CV

Build and tailor your CV highlighting your relevant skills, experience and interests, be sure to start with your strengths and evaluate your past achievements. Consider transferable skills which may translate in your chosen field or be the reason your CV stands out.

It’s useful to look at job descriptions and template your CV - talk to your recruiter as they will have the inside scoop on what skills are desirable in the industry or to certain organisations.

Trust your recruiter

Finding a recruiter you can trust is an important step in landing your dream job. Our recruiters are experts in their fields, whether it be in HR, retail, engineering, marketing, finance - to name a few. Finding a recruiter who understands the market and can put you in touch with potential employers is a great advantage in a competitive jobs market.

Network differently

The way we find jobs has changed over the years and often finding your perfect job won’t be possible through the “normal” platforms such as job boards and LinkedIn. Building a network of contacts in your chosen industry or career field will certainly help in discovering the right job for you. Attend events, talk to industry leaders and join online forums, all will ensure you take the right step in getting your dream job.

Passion, drive & eagerness to learn go a long way

Landing an interview with a potential employer can prove nerve-wrecking, remember demonstrating passion, drive and ambition can be the secret ingredient in getting your dream job. Sometimes not having the right type of experience isn’t the be all and end all, the right attitude and an eagerness to learn can’t be taught and are invaluable skillsets to employers.   

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