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Quality Manager- Manufacturing

08 Mar 2019

A Quality Manager in the Manufacturing industry discusses what first prompted him into the world of engineering and what a typical working day looks like for him.

Q.  What qualifications do you have?
A.  BA Engineering
      Masters in Lean Six Sigma/Black Belt
      MSc Lean Sigma Systems
      Prince foundation Project Management

Q.  What made you choose engineering as a career?
Always interested in development of systems and problem solving

Q.  What are the different aspects of your job?
A.  Working as a Quality Manager. Development of Internal standards, ISO 9001:2015 re-certification, Customer reporting of non-conformance and problem solving. Empowerment of the team to create problem solvers not accepting norms

Q.  Describe your typical day?
Organising work for the team and throughput. Responding to customer non-conformances. Developing internal standards, maintaining ISO standards. Problem solving and internal audits

Q.  Is there a constant need to upskill in your particular area?
A.  Yes

Q.  If so, how do you upskill?
A.  In house at the moment.

Q.  Are you supported by your employers in this?
A.  Yes

Q. Engineering took a huge hit during the recession. What do you think can be done to future proof your industry / sector?

A. Training / new development of process. Creating problem solvers in Industry.