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Why Job Seeking is like Trick or Treating!

26 Oct 2017

Tara Higgins

With Pumpkin Spice Lattés on the menu in every corner coffee shop, evenings getting ever darker and Halloween just around the corner, why not face your job seeking fears head on and begin your search today for a new role in finance? With just 8 Mondays separating Halloween from Christmas begin your job search now before everyone makes getting a new job their New Year’s Resolution!

Job-seeking in many ways is like trick-or-treating- you dress to impress (suit up), project a certain image (professional) and knock on doors of prospective employers in the hopes of getting a treat (new role in finance that you love!)

You Dress up:
  • Dressing up your CV to apply to new roles, catering to either industry or practice. Make your CV as applicable as possible to the job
  • Dressing for interview- In almost all cases this means suiting up- you don’t need to wear a Tuxedo á la Dracula- a clean, smart suit pants with a tie and a jacket will suffice.
You project an image
  • It is important to mirror the image of the company you’re applying for. For example, an interview within public practice will differ from industry and with each and every industry client, you may need to research their ethos and show them why you match their brand and why you’ll be a great fit for their team.
You knock on doors:
  • Applying to jobs of prospective employers on their websites, across jobs boards or the easiest way, through your consultant at Brightwater. Not only do we know which doors to knock on, we will help you match your CV to the role you’re interested in, prepare you for interview by informing you fully on the company and preparing you for interview.

At Brightwater we know that sometimes looking for a new role can feel a little bit like bobbing for apples. It may seem like there are a lot of different jobs floating around out there but they are just that little bit out of reach or you’re not sure which one to angle for. This can lead to procrastination.  

Instead of staring like a zombie for hours at the jobs boards, get in touch with our Brightwater Accountancy & Finance recruitment team today, we can help to remove some of the scares from your job search!

Contact Tara & Tom in our Cork office on 021 4221000